Astro & Taylor - Old Man Humiliated by Young Girls 1&2

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Duration: 20:41 Views: 3 775 Submitted: 12 months ago Submitted by:
Description: Astro and Taylor love to humiliate old losers. Taylor wants her shoes clean. They make the poor loser clean their shoes with his mouth. Taylor barks out orders to the old man. Astros soles are particular dirty and dusty but the slaves tongue makes quick work of that dirt. Taylor is mean to the loser and spits in his mouth and slaps his face. The tone of this clip is very bratty and demanding. The girls then take off their shoes and makes the loser lick feet and suck toes. Taylor slaps his face a few times as well. The girls are extremely demanding and humiliate the loser. If you like young hot bratty girls humiliating old losers with their feet and shoes you will love this clip! The girls are not through with him yet. Astro stands full weight on him. She even stomps on him a few times. Taylor thinks it looks fun and joins in as well. Astro tramples him while Taylor shoves her feet in his mouth. Taylor then spits in his face when she thinks he wants them to stop. The girls decide when he has had enough. After jumping on him a few times they make him clean their shoes some more.
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