Asian Cruelty - Queen Miko Dai - Leather Clad Perfectio

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Description: Please welcome our newest Domina, Queen Miko Da to Asian Crueltyi. Miko is of Chinese and Filipino descent and is as stunning as she is sadistic. We are extremely excited to have her join our site. Enjoy!Dressed from head to toe in luxurious Italian Leather leggings, corset, gloves and crotch high Prada boots, I continue my sadistic assault on my helpless slave with my dreaded single tail whip. This whip , like myself, is leather perfection, as it slices the flesh so effortlessly. A Goddess such as myself, should not have to work too hard to impose my sadism over my subjects, and this whip is the perfect solution.Strike after searing strike, my whip tears at his fleshhis bodyhis mindhis very soul. It strikes with the roar of a hundred thunder claps, and the agonizing pain of a thousand needles piercing the skin. He can jump around as much as he likes, but it only incites me to strike harder and more often. Soon, he will break. They always break. And then, and only then, will I decide if I should allow him a reprieve.
Categories: Femdom