Britishbratz – Princess Chloe – I Want You Obese

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Description: Hello there soon to be fatty. My name is Princess Chloe and I am about to take over your whole entire life starting with your diet. I want you fat, obese in fact and QUICK! I am going to control your life even down to the foods you will consume and just how much. I am very demanding and you will follow my every order. I mean, this is the ONLY time you will get the attention of a hot blonde like me, so lap it up. You are going to real your goal fat which is when you are completely bed-ridden and your life has fallen apart. All whilst I sit there laughing at the pathetic fat mess that you have become. You know you can't resist me, I am far too POWERFUL, I completely take over your mind and you can no longer think for your stupid little self. I am here to not only take over your mind but your pathetic life too. It’s time for a change a drastic change. . I am here to completely take over, destroy everything. I will bring your popularity plummeting down! You will follow my orders to become the biggest fattest bedridden fuck and become even more OBSESSED and DEPENDENT on ME!
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