Humiliation POV Bratty Jamie – Schoolgirl CEI Mindfuck

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Description: I could give u a million different way to eat your own cum. I am sure you’ve tried them all, a cum eating slut like u. You’re not a beginner. You are an addicted cum whore. So I want you to jerk it, jerk it right into your hand and lick it up. But don’t just lick it up, I want u to play with it, I want you to gargle it, I want u to swish it around like a fine wine, because u love it. Jerk it so that u can show me what a cum eating whore u really are. Doesn’t it feel so good to hump your hand 2 me knowing that you’re going to eat it for me? I love teasing the cum out of you in my hot little school girl outfit. I know how horny you get 4 bratty schoolgirls who force u to eat your own cum. I know you can’t wait 2 taste it. To eat it up and feel the humiliation that it brings you. Isn’t it so humiliating to know that you are jerking it, just 2 eat it?You are so pathetic, your life is so worthless, that u have no other purpose other than to be a cum eating loser. Your purpose in life is to be a cumdumpster 4 me. I mean I only let you jerk it because you’ll eat it 4 me. You love this so much. Nothing excites you more. You’re edging that cock 2 a huge orgasm so u can eat it! I know you jerk it just because you want to eat it. I love fucking with your head.Jerk it faster so I can watch you gobble up each & every last drop of your own pathetic, disgusting cum load. Feed that addiction loser. You need it. Tell me how badly u want to eat it for me. Now pump it into your hand & lick it, swish it, gargle it, play with it on your tongue & swallow it all down.
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