Ceara Lynch – Babytalk

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Description: Custom Clip: “You are my hot babysitter and is watching me for a couple of days because my parents are out of town. (you just put on your sexy lingerie,preferably push-up, and i walk into the room.) you: ooooh you scared me. MAX why arent you asleep yet, I send you to bed an hour ago… I’m responsable for you for the next couple of days until your parents return. And i dont want you to be mess when they return just cuz you didnt sleep enough! (you then see me stare at your cleavage and realizes that you’re still in lingerie) ooooh am i making you nervous by standing here in lingerie?But i get: Me being around all the time makes you horny, and all that excess stimuli is making you frustrated… Soo you like what you see? Cant blame you (pushes boobs up a little and flirty) Well since i’m your babysitter and the cause of it, i’ll have to solve that little problem. ( go and sit on the bed leaning forward showing of your nice cleavage) Okay what i want you to do is take your pants off for me. I want you to jerk your penis for me, we have to get all that excess stimuli out. Come on don’t be shy. (when i put the pants down you see its hard already but really small, you cant help but laugh) hahaha ooooh im srr i wasnt expecting it to be soo small… tiny even and its erect already, well can’t blame you with all of this in front of you. Since its like a babydick ill talk to you like im talking to one. (from now on start talking like you would do to a puppy or baby til the end of clip) look at that cute little erection can you jerk it for your babysitter. oooooh thats a good boy stroke that little thingy for me…Do it fast for me, i like it when you go fast, up and down up and down (in about a minute or so i shoot my load) (laugh again) Already came huh that’s ok. Small penises normally do that soo i was expecting it to be a short ride… Allright now i want you to get on your knees and lick the cum of the floor soo i dont have to clean it (laugh a little and stuff). But now its time for bed again. We’ll do this again tomorrow to make sure you sleep proper. night night my little quickdraw cowboy (and wave me off)”
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