Goddess Alexandra Snow – Marathon Masturbation

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Description: Alright my little jerkoff joyriders, I have a new little adventure for you. I think you little cock monkeys are WAY too accustomed to jerking off in minutes and spilling your load in seconds. That's not going to cut it today. I want you to learn some staying power, some endurance. This is a little challenge in marathon masturbation. You will stroke when and how I tell you. You will move your hand in the method I instruct at the speed I instruct. As your Goddess, I make the rules and it is your duty to obey them. Of course, for the majority of this video you're forced to look down my sheer, tight tank top and super short skirt. Close to the end, just to make it difficult, I even tease you a bit more with my amazing body. So strip down, get your cock at attention, and get on your mark... get set... go! This exercise in endurance is 15 minutes of stroking, touching, squeezing, and aching. I do love a boy who is desperate for those magic words: "cum, boy."
Pornstars: Alexandra Snow
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