Sandra Latina – Vegas Here I Cum..Literally!

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Description: How is my night going 2 be different from yours tonight honey? Well I know u paid for this lavish suite here in Las Vegas & you also took me shopping so that I could look hot and sexy for u while we are out at the clubs. There is only one problem honey, while were on the plane on the way here & you bought me a drink n the flight attendant brought me the travel size bottle & all I could think about was how much it resembled your dick. I expected her to bring the BIG bottle because ANYTHING travel size isn’t much fun now is it? Honey let’s face it, u have a travel size penis and travel size things aren’t much fun. Sooo tonight u r going to help me pick one of the dresses that you bought for me to wear & u r going to give me your credit card & I’m going to head to the club to find me “The Big Bottle.” I plan 2 bring back the guy with the biggest dick that I can possibly find. Look at what happens when I put this travel size bottle between my titties, I can barely even see it!! That is the same thing that happens when I place your dick between them. The guy I plan to bring home is going to have a dick big enough to place between my titties and still manage to have his dick in my mouth. Do u know why I requested that u rented this specific suite with this setup? Well I did it because tonight you are going to sleep downstairs on the couch. I don’t want the stud I bring home to know that there is someone else in the room besides him and I. I don’t want u to make a peep while my brains are getting fucked out!! I just want u 2 lay on the couch or possibly even on the floor if it hides you even more and listen to your wife get fucked and fully satisfied. I won’t be so cruel though, once he completely done filling up my pussy with his seed and leaves the room you are welcome to come to bed & clean my pussy out. Why does he get 2 fuck me without a condom but you have to wear one? Well it’s obvious honey, if I was to get pregnant by you we would be creating another male who would have a little penis and probably grow up to marry someone like me & he would probably go through what you r going through. If my stud gets me pregnant then I have nothing 2 worry about because he would seed my pussy with another big dick male. He would grow up 2 do exactly what the stud I bring home tonight will be doing, fucking the wives all the men who can’t satisfy them!! So if you don’t want me pregnant u better be prepared to clan my pussy out & suck all of the cum out of it like you never have before. See u later honey!!
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