SubbyHubby – Goddess Cleo – Follow Chastity MI

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Description: SubbyHubby – Goddess Cleo – Follow Chastity Masturbation Instructions Goddess Cleo wants to get you in her chastity device. She knows how worthless your tiny dick is, n wants to lock it away so no one has 2 touch your disgusting dicklette. Cleo knows u want to feel her hot body under u, but she can only laugh at how small your pathetic penis is. Goddess Cleo owns your cock now, and you aren’t allowed 2 come out until she says you can. Your tiny cock in that chastity device can’t feel Goddess Cleo’s hot tongue on it, trying to lick it until it is erect so she can have some fun with it. She lets u out of your chastity device so you can masturbate 2o her instructions. Goddess Cleo gives you a countdown so you can spill your filthy load 4 her.
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