Princess Kaylynn – Pay Your Bills Late Just So I Can Go

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Description: You thought you were going 2 pay rent this month, but I’m taking it. I’m taking all of it and I am going to take it so fucking sweetly. You are going to be late on all of your bills, just so I can go shopping. Just because I said so, u r going to submit all of it, to me. You’re going to give me the pleasure of knowing I get everything. And you are going 2 love every second of it too.I’m so bratty & there’s nothing you can do about it. I hate you too, you know that? But you will still submit to me, you’ll give my perfect body everything u have because you can’t stop yourself. I’m fucking flawless and there’s not a thing you can do 2 stop me. You can’t say no to me. My sexy body will fucking destroy you and there’s nothing you can do about it. You need to spoil me. You r my sucker. I’m perfect, u cannot resist my perfect bitchy pink pigtails. They drain everything from u.Give me that rent check and I will allow you 2 worship my flawless body. I know you can’t get enough of me. You are so fucking hooked. Give me all of it, drain every last cent into my account. It is the only way you can please me and it makes you so fucking hard. Keep draining loser. Give it all to me. You know I deserve it. Drain all of it. Drain all of that cash in your wallet right into my fucking account. You need to & u know it. Sucker.– Princess Kaylynn

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