Alessandra Noir – Daughter Alessandra Noir SPH tries

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Description: Alessandra Noir – Daughter Alessandra Noir SPH tries riding your lil cock Daddy r u awake?? Your girl wanted to remind you that she just got her drivers licence & you had offered to buy her a car. YOu had MEANT a used Corolla or something like that but she has her eyes on a bigger prize… a Mercedes!! So she’s going 2 do what it takes to get daddy dearest on her side…. she mounts you & starts rubbing your cock over your PJ’s…. but why aren’t you hard? You should be hard, looking at your pretty girl, who looks just like mommy did when she was younger… & slimmer… She pulls down your pants and she finally sees your shameful secret!! You have a SMALL PENIS! What!?! is that it daddy? Wow, this is going 2 be the smallest cock she’s ever fucked… OOOPS!!! THe secret is out, your girl isn’t a virgin anymore…. don’t get mad daddy. well u can’t because before u know it, she’s mounted u and is riding you. Is it in yet? It’s hard for her to feel if you are inside her… and she’s only 105lbs…. she’s pretty small…. oops! It fell out. Let’s try again…. is it in this time?? Can you feel her? she can barely feel u… oops… dang it it fell out again!! OMG did you just cum inside her!?! r you done!?! Well you better get what she wants because she can tell mom at any time.
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