Princess Lexie – Stepdaughter JOI

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Description: I’m your hot step-daughter and I’m home for my winter break from school. All my friends are still away at college so I’m super bored and spending most of my time just lounging around the house in sexy bratty outfits like this. I come into your office looking for entertainment and after just a few minutes of seeing me in these clothes, you quickly develop a bulge in your pants.I notice it too, and I start to tease you. you’re hesitant at first, after all: I’m your step-d4ughter and you’re my step-d4ddy! But eventually, I get my way and you pull out your dick and start jerking it to can’t believe this is finally happening, your fantasy is coming true. Until you realize there’s a catch! I’m not just teasing you for the thrill of it, I’m going to use this against you! That’s right, if you don’t buy me these expensive shoes I want, and start giving me more money every month, then I’m going to tell my m0m what a fucking pervert you are! And you don’t want that, do you? I didn’t think so. Just give in to me and my demands, it’s so easy and it feels so good. Plus there’s a cum countdown in it for you in the end.
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Pornstars: Princess Lexie
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