Kaidence King - I masturbate while smoking a cigarette

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Duration: 4:13 Views: 16 117 Submitted: 12 months ago Submitted by:
Description: I am on my balcony which 3 neighbours share with me, smoking a cigarette. I am wearing a very short and low-cut dress with very high heels and they could walk out of their front doors and see me at any moment! But i'm just so horny and the cigarette makes me even hornier so I masturbate! I take deep, long inhales of the smoke while I play with my wet pussy, getting so hot and wet as I smoke. I want to cum while I take my last drag so I move my fingers faster and faster over my clit, begging you to cum with me. We cum together, me feeling wave after wave of pleasure from my orgasm with smoke still in my throat! I blow it out, and take one last quick drag (I can't resist!) and stub it out