Janira Wolfe - Is That a Diaper I'm Touching!?

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Description: You've just gone home with this really hot girl you met at the bar, Janira Wolfe. She brings you into her bedroom. This girl fucking wants you! She takes off her dress and then looks to you, confused as to why you're not also taking off your clothes. Assuming you're waiting for her, Janira reaches into your pants, and...feels your DIAPER! It takes her a bit to realize that's really what she's touching, of course. Obviously one doesn't expect to find an ADULT they met at a fucking bar to be wearing a diaper! Janira really doesn't know how to proceed in this situation. Nothing like this has ever happened to her. She does find herself to have quite an enjoyable time humiliating you...and she also has this thing about always being a good one-night-stand. So, this hot blonde fulfills your ultimate fantasy; she instructs you to rub yourself in your diaper while watching her body...and then she finishes it for you.
Categories: Femdom POV JOI
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