Glam Worship - Dannii Harwood - Worship and Pay

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Description: Sit down. Ok I'm not going to waste anytime here. I am getting sick to fucking of how perverted you are. I know exactly what you've been up to and I won't stand for it. You're just a disgusting old man! Everyone in the office thinks you're a freak! I always knew there was something off about you... You are always looking at my tits. Start by getting on your knees. That's it, on your knees. Now... Beg to keep your job moron! Haha! Look at you down there, begging... What a loser! Now say you are sorry... Now every time you look at my tits you are going to pay me part of your check. You are now going to be at my total beck and call. You will do everything I say. Better yet, I think I'll let the whole office use you as their personal bitch! - Dannii