Madam Violet - Body Worship Br4inw4sh Loop

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Description: Goddess Worship, Mesmerize A slave needs to worship EVERY single part of his Goddess, when he surrenders his mind to Me, he is no longer a ‘boob man’ or an ‘ass man’….you are a slave not a man, and it is My WHOLE body you are enslaved to. Feet, ass, legs, tits, My beautiful face and plump lips, My stomach and small waist - I want you to fetishise ALL of Me. Repeat your mantras over and over as you stroke yourself into a stupor. Loop this file over and over as many times as you wish, at least five times…watch on a regular basis, tune your mind to My BODY. Go deeper and deeper over and over. STROKE for Me in an endless spiral of WORSHIP and SURRENDER. NO end in sight, NO trigger to cum…just an endless SLIDE down…weak with worship….escape if you can slave. Contains: Mantras, trance, hipn0tic loop, layered vocals, binaural tones, imbedded commands, body worship, goddess worship, femdom pov