Goddess Alexandra Snow — She's Better Off Without You

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Description: Goddess Alexandra Snow. Awww your girlfriend broke up with you, huh? Or your wife left you. You poor thing. Are you sad and all alone now? Do you miss her? What's it like now to lie in bed all by yourself? Do you feel pathetic? Well you are, you're such a fucking loser that even she left you. You see, she's just better off without you. I mean that's why she left you. I'm sure she gave you all kinds of reasons but the truth is, she wants to fuck a real men. She wanted to be in a relationship with a real man, not some loser like you. You're just a nothing, a speed bump in her love life, a waste of her time. I see this all the time. I see losers like you get used and left by women, leaving them alone and heartbroken. Personally, I'm more direct about it. I don't want you, I'll never s***p with you, I just want your money. Well it looks like she came to the same conclusion. I wonder what she took with her.. how much she took, how much you gave her over the months or years that you were together. And what do you have left? Any self respect? No? Good, because it would all be fake anyway. The only thing you should have self confidence in is that you are in fact a loser. And she is now free to fuck whomever she wants. She really is better off. Maybe I'll go fuck her, I'll fuck your ex like you never could. And then maybe I'll set her up with some of my guy friends and let them fuck her too. And then I'll send you pictures, showing you how happy she is. She is so much better off without you. She's going to move on and have a life now, a life without you in it. A better life. A life with a real man. Yea, how does that feel? How does it feel to know how deep that rejection goes? You really shouldn't even try to date or find anyone new. It will be the same thing over and over again. You should just be single forever, and jerk off to porn. It's what you do when you're in a relationship anyway. You can be in a relationship with your hand, and me, as I tell you jerkoff and cry and miss your ex. And know that you're too fucking pathetic for her or anyone. You're going to spend the rest of your sad, lonely existence watching porn. But not 'real' porn, just humiliation porn, of girls humiliating you, tearing you apart from the inside. Girls who aren't even naked, lol, you don't even deserve to see me naked. This is going to be your new love life. This is your future.
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