Jasmine Mendez - Aunty's Smelly Gym Feet!

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Description: Custom: Jaz comes into room after long day at gym. Shes in her black tank top, black spandex shorts, long white tube socks and gym shoes. Her hair pulled back like she was at the gym. She comes into room and plops down on couch. Camera is zoomed in on her close (see attached photos for an idea of angle) As she sits on couch she pulls one leg up at a time and yanks off both her gym shoes and throws them to the ground. She then relaxes, sitting up on couch, but legs straight out, white socked soles right in front of camera - close up view - but still can see her face and body in background (refer to photo attachment of ceara lynch photos for a similar camera angle up close) Jaz is tired from gym, rubs her socked feet together, making a swishing sound in front of camera, moaning a little from being so tired and sore. Not long after of Jaz rubbing her socked soles together and relaxing on couch - her nephew walks into room. Jaz - “OH HEY NEPHEW - WHAT ARE YOU UP TO?” Nephew is standing up near couch and eyes locked into her socked feet - he has a huge foot fetish Nephew - “GUNNA GO PICK UP MY GIRLFRIEND.” Jaz - “YOUR AUNTYS HAD A LONG DAY AT THE GYM AND HER LEGS ARE SORE - WOULD U MIND RUBBING THEM?” - Jaz says in a pouty tone - she always gets her way. Nephew cant stop staring at her socks and agrees ... Nephew - “Yeah sure ...” Boy gets on ground, sitting on her knees, gets close to her stretched out legs and socked soles and begins rubbing the tops of her legs. Jaz moans some more and enjoys the attention shes getting ... Jaz asks him to rub her calves now Jaz - “Can you rub lower on my calves please ... your doing a great job nephew.” She says moaning and loving every second of it. The boy cant stop staring at her slowly wiggling socked feet and toes while he rubs the bottoms of her legs. He lifts up one leg at a time and rubs it for a few seconds before switching. The boy can hardly contain himself and wants to see her bare soles. Nephew - “Can I uh... rub your feet Aunty?” Jaz - “I just got back from the gym and pilates class - they are really gunna smell ...” Nephew - “Oh its ok I don't mind ...” Jaz - “Ok then - peel off my socks for me, I am too tired to lean over.” The boy yanks off both socks one at a time, revealing two big bare soles - full of toe jam and sock lint. Her toe nails are painted black. He drops her socks off on the ground and before he starts rubbing them she asks if they smell? Jaz - “Do my feet stink?” The boy leans in and takes a solid whiff of one of her soles and lets out a grunt/moan - like they really smell bad! His eyes grow bigger as his head goes back - Nephew - “Yeah Aunty they smell!” Jaz - “What do they smell like?” Boy leans in again and takes a deeper, longer sniff this time Nephew - “Like sour gym socks and fritos!” Jaz - “Yeah I bet they do!” - you say in a sexy, teasing tone. Jaz then ignores him for a bit and lets him rub her big smelly feet. He is still on ground, on his knees massaging her feet with both his hands, one sole at a time and switching every one and awhile. Jaz - “Your doing a great job nephew - don't stop.” Jaz starts to play on her cell phone texting, let him rub away. The boy is licking his lips and staring hard at her big soles he wants to smell them again. He looks back and shes not paying attention... He stops rubbing and inhales again - leaning into her soles and feet. He lets out a “PHEWWW ...” after most of his sniffs. Jaz comments back after he takes a few more sniffs Jaz - “AUNTY HAS SOME STINKY, GYM FEET DOESN'T SHE?!” Boy while sniffing Nephew - “YES YOU DO ... DAMN AUNTY!” By now the rubbing has stopped and hes only sniffing her soles, toes and heels - she doesn't seem to care at all - she continues texting away looking down, letting him do whatever he wants. Boy rubs his fingers thru each toe and then pries her toes apart and sniffs inbetween a few of her spreaded toes - getting a nice whiff instead her toes. After that - Jaz lifts one sole in the air, leaving the other resting on the foot rest. (refer to the picture of the 2 ladies outside, the guy is sniffing her feet while up in air) Boy sticks his face in the middle of her one sole and presses his nose hard against it - sniffing loudly deeper sniffs - before switching to her next sole, lifting her leg up for him to press his nose against. ** Please rub her feet slowly in his face - so you move your sole up and down, keeping soles back straight nice and smooth letting his nose drag across your sole of each foot one at a time. Almost at the end: Refer to picture of guy sniffing the blonds feet on the lazy boy chair - her feet are crossed at ankles and hes rubbing his nose in her sole - try doing that position toward the end of video Jaz - “YOU LIKE AUNTYS BIG, STINKY, SOUR, GYM FEET IN YOUR FACE?” Boy - “YEAHHHH!” He proclaims horny as ever still smelling all over her soles and toes. Jaz - “GO WASH UP ... YOUR PARENTS WILL BE HERE SOON.” Jaz moves her feet from his face - as he runs off to wash up ... Jaz then goes back in original position, legs out, apart, soles in front of camera for the next 15 seconds or so, playing on her phone. END

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