Mistress Gaia - No Hands

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Description: CUSTOM REQUEST - I am contacting you because I would like you to make a custom video focused on hand trampling. The video should begin with you ordering the slave to lie down on the floor at which point the shot shifts to the slave's hands and arms and the trampling begins. During the calepstamento you will walk on your hands both on the palms and on the backs (you will order the slave to turn his hands several times during the video), squeezing his hands also with the toe and heel. During the video, in addition to walking on hands, I would also like to see: Stamping by lifting the foot and severely landing on the hands. Jump with both feet and also with only one foot on the hand. Trampling, concentrated on the hand with all your weight on the tip of the foot, and also on the heel and heels. I would like you to use three different pairs of shoes in this order: flip flops or similar, wedge shoes, high heel shoes (they are also fine with heels that are not too thin to be able to squeeza with all the weight only on the heel…

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